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Challenge: 365 Women worth watching – in Data, People Analytics and HR Tech

A snowball of inspiration that hopefully will encourage more women, particularly HR professionals, to enter the data world. These women are Role Models for aspiring People Analytics practitioners. The list includes valuable sources related to most of the professionals.
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I was honored to be first recognized as a leader in People Analytics back in 2017 alongside many respected and inspiring colleagues. But unfortunately, in those early days, most of the recognition was aimed more at men than women. So, I decided to change this. 

I started a personal challenge to salute 365 women, one for each day of the year. There is only one IWD (International Women’s Day), but for me, every day is a woman’s day. Though the list of my data heroes became longer, I realized it wasn’t enough. We needed professional and inspirational role models of women in the field. 

As years went by, the challenge turned from a list to interviews with women who generously offered a glance into their journey to become exceptional practitioners in People Analytics. I hope this version of my challenge is a snowball of inspiration that will encourage more women, particularly HR professionals, to enter the data world of HR. 

So, let’s celebrate and share this!

Being A Data Scientist in The HR Department

A successful data science function in the HR department requires balancing the analytics maturity of the business and HR leaders with the data scientist's skills. It is essential and fascinating to explore how data science and HR needs are knitted.

ABCs of People Analyst’s success

The culture of the People Analytics community is remarkably open. While datasets, analytics, and insights are restricted, experiences, resources, and advice are generously shared. It inspired me to list the ABCs of success: autodidact habits, business understanding, and coding skills.

The role of technology in the evolution of People Analytics

An interview with a former HR analyst at Microsoft, discussing the role of technology in People Analytics and data Ethics: challenges, success stories, and advice - one of many perspectives we had in "The People Analytics Journey" course.

HR Challenges in A Data-Driven World

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People Analytics Leader – Survive Your Onboarding!

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People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact

This interview with an HR manager in a fireside chat during a People Analytics class offers an introspective approach to a joint journey, as a mentee and mentor: the motives, the obstacles, the quick win, the team participation, and more.

Littal Shemer Haim

Littal Shemer Haim

Littal Shemer Haim brings Data Science into HR activities, to guide organizations to base decision-making about people on data. Her vast experience in applied research, keen usage of statistical modeling, constant exposure to new technologies, and genuine interest in people’s lives, all led her to focus nowadays on HR Data Strategy, People Analytics, and Organizational Research.

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12 thoughts on “Challenge: 365 Women worth watching – in Data, People Analytics and HR Tech”

  1. Thanks Littal for including me. My nominees to the list: Naomi Bloom, Stacey Harris, China Gorman, Mollie Lombardi, Madeleine Tarquino, Trish McFarlane, Gretchen Alarcon, Leighanne Levensaler, Stela Lupishor. Happy to tell you why and make intros if needed.

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