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People Analytics Mentoring

Your company strives to rely on state-of-the-art methodologies and bases its decision-making about people on data. Your valuable contribution starts with the proper analytical mindset. 
Littal Shemer Haim, your guide in this journey, is an expert in People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, and Organizational Research. Your mentor is the one by your side in every step of your re-skilling and up-skilling, ensuring that you understand and leverage data science concepts and HR-tech solutions. 
Such a mentor will lead you to fulfill your role as an HR leader, a real partner in improving business performance by informed decisions. 

How will it work? We’ll meet remotely or on the company’s site weekly or bi-weekly. We’ll adapt the scope of work to the company’s needs and its pace of development. Consider this mentoring as a partnership with a remote professional team member.

Littal is a wonderful mentor who helped me enter the data analytics domain. She is patient, intelligent, and analytical. I learned a lot from Littal, both from the technical and business aspects. So, if you are looking for a great mentor to introduce you to the world of People Analytics - She's the perfect pick!

Mentoring Roadmap

The mentoring program follows three key practices: working with your own data, psychological safety, and rituals. It covers sixteen themes, organized in four milestones that build the People Analytics value chain: Charger, Journey, Capability, Culture. This parsimonious structure serves as a road map. However, each theme stands on its own. This structure is also useful when setting KPIs and broadening your learning with additional resources. 

Littal's experience and ability to solve obstacles while focusing on specific goals helped me build solid foundations and implement this area of expertise. Littal's ability to create solutions to a wide range of needs, such as conducting research relying on advanced analytics, building an extensive professional network, and positioning HR as a critical factor in attaining business plans, made it possible to become a data-driven organization. In addition, Littal's multidisciplinary approach brings together HR, data analytics, statistics, research, and business understanding. I look forward to continuing to work with Littal on People Analytics projects.

Is it theoretical or practical?

The mentoring sessions combine theoretical and practical content. You will acquire an analytical mindset that will enable you to support business questions with HR data. You'll learn the foundations and review case studies and tools, so hopefully, you'll apply some of them in your organization.

Will it help my career in HR?

The future of work, and the future of HR, will be completely different – much more automated, technological, and data-driven. Expanding your skills via a People Analytics mindset and practices will help you save your future spot. It will also enable you to contribute more to your organization, which may lead to career opportunities and growth.

Do I need specific software?

You don't need to have or purchase any software or tech solution in advance. During the mentoring sessions, you'll learn to distinguish between solutions. Eventually, your voice will be heard better in procurement decisions or communication with your internal or external analytics provider.

Why should my employer support it?

The mentoring sessions enable you to understand how people processes are related to business results. Your employer would like you to improve the return on investment in people and develop a data-driven approach to people processes using up-to-date technologies and methodologies.

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