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People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, Organizational Research – Consultant, Mentor, Speaker, Influencer

Multidisciplinaty Researcher

Leverage data science for the good of individuals and Business

People Analytics Projects, Organizational Research

Littal Shemer Haim brings Data Science into the workforce processes and provides executives with actionable insights into important business questions related to all stages of the employment cycle.  

Littal has more than 25 years of research experience in quantitative and qualitative methods. She is a seasoned expert in various workforce topics: Organizational Culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Assessments, Organizational Interfaces, Employee Benefits & Rewards, Safety Climate, Training Effectiveness, Diversity & Inclusion, and more. 

Leveraging her multidisciplinary skills in programming, statistical modeling and the domain of workforce and organizations, Littal’s projects and research enable beneficial impact.
She is personally involved in all stages, from identifying the business question through integrating data from various sources, analyzing and visualizing, and communicating insights. Littal also contributes to the transformation of employee research to internal data products.

“... I was fortunate to have Littal's close guidance and advise. Littal helped me and my team understand how to use People Analytics tools to make informed business decisions based on HR data. We used several methods, including Employee Contribution Analysis, Survival Charts, and Breakeven Calculation. Littal shared with us researches and additional literature to expand our knowledge and conducted with us external research on benefits in the Israeli labor market. Thanks to Littal we made great progress... ”

“I worked with Littal on analyzing the results of our Annual Review forms. I wish I had involved her sooner in the process. Littal was great to work with – pleasant, professional and on the mark. More than providing data, she gave me helpful pointers about what we could be doing to make the process more data-driven, assisted in measuring post process thoughts of employees and managers and supported an additional analytics project, gleaning more insight...”

People Analytics: Examples With Open Data

Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics:

The gender pay gap analysis in this article is straightforward. HR managers with a B.A. education can handle it, with a little help from a data scientist. I encourage HR practitioners who start their journey in People Analytics...

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Predicting Employee Attrition: R vs DMWay

This article demonstrates how to predict employee attrition, using logistic regression in R programming vs DMWay software. It also encompasses some background about employee data and the cost of attrition.

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“Littal was in charge of the Employee Engagement Survey analysis (implementation of statistical models, visualization, strategic thinking about the results). Littal understood deeply and quickly, not only HR issues, but rather business challenges, and took an effort to bind the analytics to the company’s metrics and goals. She played a vital role in the discussion about operative steps following the survey’s conclusion and contributed to the management commitment to carry out them. Her work was impressively professional, dedicated and pleasant, along with the entire process...”

"I had the pleasure to work with Littal on a project "Internal Customer Sutisfation Survey" for consecutive 4-5 years. When I moved to another company, I hired her again for other internal organizational surveys. Littal is an expert, doing exellent job, and very creative. She has the right combination of being professional and sensitive to the various organizational needs. Littal has great interpersonal skills..."

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