Littal Shemer Haim

People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, Organizational Research – Consultant, Mentor, Speaker, Influencer

Data. Makes you fly.

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People Analytics Consultant, Workforce Data Strategist

Littal Shemer Haim helps organizations improve business performance by informed decisions about people. She offers leaders guidance in the journey toward a data-driven workforce and conducts People Analytics and Organizational Research projects. 

Littal explores innovation in the work-tech ecosystem. She writes and lectures about People, Data, Ethics, and the Future of Work. In addition, she leads learning programs in People Analytics and HR tech. 

Littal enjoys keynote speaking at various conferences and professional events in Israel and globally. She shares her knowledge and +25 years of experience in People Analytics, Workforce Data Strategy, and Organizational Research. She is also frequently invited to speak at internal company events.

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People Analytics and HR-Tech Reading List

My People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list on Kindle includes +60 items! Find here inspiration, practical guidance, validation for practices, new ideas and innovative tools, an "open door" to a professional community.

Gender Pay Gap: More Hidden Patterns

Simulating work with a data scientist in HR and People Analytics use case: The gender pay gap. Analyzing continuous variables instead of categorical variables, swapping between ANOVA and Linear Regression, and additional insights based on actual data.

Data Science for HR: Critical Questions

What should HR professionals expect when working with a data scientist? What should HR professionals do for a successful data science project? How should you deal with insignificant results in the analysis? The article addresses these questions.

Employee Lifetime Value

The Employee lifetime value is a scheme that connects the people processes to the business outcomes. It refers to the expected value the organization gains in the entire time an employee in a particular role spends working, quantifying how "people are our most important asset."

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