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Companies depend on people to deliver solutions and high-standard products. HR management includes practices of People Analytics in their strategic plans. People Analytics is an emerging field of expertise in HR departments. It enables HR leaders to improve business performance by making informed decisions about people based on data. Therefore, understanding and leveraging people Analytics is a part of every HR leader’s basic skill set.

The course covers real-world use cases of analytics for executives, managers, employees, and candidates. It enables HR leaders to be familiar with data science terms and concepts and understand the competencies of this new profession. The course contributes to developing a proper analytical mindset to start the People Analytics journey within the organization.

The course includes the following four topics that combine a conceptual cycle of domain development: Why People Analytics? The Fundamental Change; The Role of The People Analytics Leader; People Analytics Case Studies and Simulations; Emerging Trends in People Analytics and HR-Tech. 

Who Should Participate?

The course targets HR groups who aspire to lead a data-driven organization, promote the People Analytics domain, and be prepared for the future of work. It is also offered as an academic syllabus in Israel. No technical skills are required, but experience in an HR role is a must. 

How this syllabus is unique?

The course includes four modules organized into topics that build a conceptual framework that is constantly updated.
First, we discuss the fundamental changes. We then examine the role of a People Analytics leader. Next, based on actual data, we demonstrate those principles with People Analytics case studies and simulate a work with a data scientist. Finally, we discuss emerging HR tech trends and workforce AI and point to Ethics considerations.

How will you learn?

The course encompasses various learning channels. The main learning is in eight group sessions*, one hour each. Participants include different roles within the HR department in your organization. In addition, complementary learning materials and sessions are offered.

More Added Value!

Teaser Exercises: Home assignments will enable reflection on business questions, people, and data.
Starter Kit: Students will get access to complimentary recommended resources, books, articles, videos, and data sets.
One-on-one Session: Meet the course instructor (45 minutes of personal consultancy) to fit the course materials to your professional background and your organization's maturity.

* Please note that participating in an open cohort of this course requires a commitment to eight sessions of interaction with other participants. Learners should expect to engage actively in a small group over a Zoom call with cameras on. While some learning activities will make camera-on less necessary, it is essential for developing a meaningful and engaging learning community and a culture of trust.

Start your journey to data-driven HR

Instructor: Littal Shemer Haim

For more than 25 years now, Littal Shemer Haim has supported organizations in the processes of data collection and analysis, assisting in creating comprehensions and insights that lead to effective decision-making and actions. Littal brings Data Science into organizational activities to guide organizations to base decision-making about people on data. Her experience in applied research, keen usage of statistical modeling, constant exposure to new technologies, and genuine interest in people’s lives all led her to focus nowadays on People Analytics and Workforce Data Strategy. 

Littal holds a Technion M.B.A and B.A in Economics and Management. She also holds B.A. in Psychology from Tel Aviv University and Positive Psychology Certificate. Littal participated remotely in the Data Science Specialization of Johns Hopkins University, where she studied R programming and Practical Machine Learning. She also remotely studied Predictive Workforce Analytics at the University of California Irvine, Statistical Learning at Stanford University, and Data Science and Big Data Analytics at MIT xPro.

Littal lectures everywhere, from conferences to organizations to academies. She speaks on People Analytics, Workforce Data Strategy, AI Ethics, and Data-Driven Careers. Known for her engaging and insightful talks, Littal offers her audiences opportunities to learn how to leverage innovation and technology to establish authority and impact organizations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it theoretical or practical?

The course combines theoretical and practical contents. You will acquire an analytical mindset that will enable you to support business questions with Workforce data. You'll learn the foundations and review case studies and tools, so hopefully, you'll apply some of it in your organization as it matures.

Will it help my Career in the HR domain?

The future of work and HR will be completely different – much more automated, technological, and data-driven. Expanding your skills via a People Analytics mindset and practices will help you to save your future spot. It will also enable you to contribute more to your organization, which may lead to career opportunities and growth.

Do I need specific software?

You don't need to have or purchase any software or tech solution in advance. However, during the course, you'll learn to distinguish between solutions, so eventually, your voice will be heard better in procurement decisions or communication with your internal or external analytics provider.

Why should my employer support it?

The course lets you understand how people processes relate to business results. People Analytics practices support this linkage. Your employer would like you to contribute more to improving the return on investment in people and developing a data-driven approach to people processes using up-to-date technologies and methodologies.

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