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Lectures and Keynote Speaking

Littal Shemer Haim lectures everywhere, from conferences to organizations to academies. She speaks on People Analytics, Workforce Data Strategy, AI Ethics, Data-Driven Careers, and The Future of Work. 

Known for her engaging and insightful talks, Littal offers her audiences opportunities to learn how to leverage innovation and technology to establish authority and impact organizations. 

Littal supports professionals at all levels to overcome barriers. In her lectures, the complicated becomes simple. She encourages her audiences to use practical advice derived from her +25 years of experience and empowers everybody to take action.

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“I had the privilege to hear Littal's lecture at the University of Mannheim. What a great and insightful experience. Littal is knowledgeable and thought provoking. For me as a researcher, this opens new and exciting avenues for working in HR.”

“Littal was the main speaker of our HR Summit session for HR Operations teams and HR geo Leaders. The session was very interesting and enriching, providing a thorough overview of the world of People Analytics. It also gave us perspective regarding where we stand, and where we want to be, and most important - it gave us hope and inspiration that our path is the right one to choose. Thank you Littal, and let's make sure we cross ways in the future.”

“Dear Littal, Thank you for your involvement and engagement in our first steps in IEC, on our journey towards a data-driven organization and data-driven human resources management. I appreciate your dedication to preparing our conference in this domain, your collaboration with the team, and your contribution to the success of the event. I wish you to continue your significant work in the field!”

Speech Topics

Data From Mars, HR Leaders From Venus

New Perspectives on The People Analytics Journey

Why? Analytical mindset and practical first steps are a must for any HR leader who prepares the organization for the future of work.

How? Lead a successful journey of People Analytics and data-driven HR following a unique conceptual model shared in this talk.   

Best for: Business Executives, Human Resources Leaders, Analytics Professionals.

Key Takeaways

Connecting People Processes to Business Outcomes

Employee Lifetime Value in People Analytics Projects

Why? Research approach moves from focusing on HR processes to business performance indicators.

How? Use ELV based on employee data from HR processes and organizational units to make a business case for interventions.   

Best for: Business Executives, Human Resources Leaders, Analytics Professionals.

Key Takeaways

Will People Analysts Always Be Humans?

Ethics and Procurement Implications

Why? As analytics projects are transformed into products, People Analytics leaders must fit the right tools to business questions. 

How? Explore two new skills needed in any HR department: Procurement and Ethics in the industry of People Analytics.

Best for: People Analytics Leaders, Human Resources Executives, Business Leader.

Key Takeaways

Your Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of People Analytics and HR Tech

Innovation and Automation for Strategic HR

Why? The HR-tech industry is exploding with innovation but reasonable leaders in organizations find it hard to orient.

How? Gain understanding of the HR-tech industry and embrace new tools to make procurement decisions that enhance the business.

Best for: Business Leaders, Human Resources Professionals, Engineering and R&D Executives.

It's Time To Rewire Our Brains

From Statistics to Machine Learning in People Analytics

Why? Quantitative methods in many education programs exclude practical machine learning that characterizes modern business.

How? Explore examples and case studies on how practical machine learning disrupts traditional organizational research.

Best for: People Analytics Leaders, Human Resources Executives, Business Leader.

Key Takeaways

Your Data-Driven Career Has Already Started!

Leveraging Data in Learning and Talent Management

Why? Executives must prepare their organization to a future of global talent markets and exponential technology change. 

How? Gain understanding of tech innovation that enables data-driven career and explore new solutions for talent management.

Best for: Business Leaders, Human Resources Professionals, Engineering and R&D Executives.

Key Takeaways

The People Analytics Journey

Introductory Course for Human Resources Professionals

People Analytics is an emerging field of expertise, that presents today in most HR departments. It is the data science of HR practices. Therefore, understanding data science concepts is a part of every HR leaders’ basic skill set. This course offers an
overview of the role of HR leaders in improving business performance by informed decisions about people based on data. The course enables HR leaders to be familiar with data science terms and concepts. It covers real-world use cases of analytics, in the realm of executives, managers, employees, and candidates. The course contributes to developing an analytical proper mindset to start the People Analytics journey within the organization.

Learning Modules

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