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+70 Articles about People Analytics and HR tech

by Littal Shemer Haim, 2016-2022

ABCs of People Analyst’s success

The culture of the People Analytics community is remarkably open. While datasets, analytics, and insights are restricted, experiences, resources, and advice are generously shared. It inspired me to list the...

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Will “People Analytics” Be “Open-Source”?

Five directions to push People Analytics towards open-source culture: learn by teaching, share knowledge across the discipline, open-source is where innovation happens, focus on demand rather than supply, and engage...

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Will People Analysts always be human?

People Analysts can keep using technology to amplify, not overtake, their influential role in organizations. To do so, they must include two new competencies: Procurement and Ethics.

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AI in HR: Three Distinguished Impacts

HR professionals seem to confound HR operations, People Analytics, and organizational readiness for AI. The article describes three distinguished effects of AI on HR and explains how they are interrelated.

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Productivity and Safety: A Conflict?

There is a delicate balance that HR professionals must keep in helping business leaders achieve their goals while protecting the interests of employees. Perhaps we need a tool that diminishes...

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Effectiveness of employee evaluation process

The stakeholders and players who participate in the evaluation process, the available tools and resources, and the issues discussed in the feedback conversations, all affect the effectiveness of the process....

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LLMs Changed People Analytics

Large language models (LLMs) altered how we work and create value. How can the People Analytics profession leverage these deep learning and natural language processing techniques to offer a better...

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Your journey to People Analytics makes you cry?

A crucial part of your challenge in People Analytics is the effort to establish communication between different professionals. The People Analytics leader's role is sometimes considered as a translator, the...

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Employee Lifetime Value

The Employee lifetime value is a scheme that connects the people processes to the business outcomes. It refers to the expected value the organization gains in the entire time an...

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Changing the Analytic Mindset of HR for Good

Whatever you do to educate yourselves, ensure that your learning opportunities include experiments with your own data. Master business questions in your organization and your own data, so you can...

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Gender Pay Gap: More Hidden Patterns

Simulating work with a data scientist in HR and People Analytics use case: The gender pay gap. Analyzing continuous variables instead of categorical variables, swapping between ANOVA and Linear Regression,...

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HR Challenges in A Data-Driven World

A valuable part of my tailwind comes from my global community of experts who dedicate their careers to helping executives and managers, especially in the domain of HR, to become...

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Data Science for HR: Critical Questions

What should HR professionals expect when working with a data scientist? What should HR professionals do for a successful data science project? How should you deal with insignificant results in...

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Being A Data Scientist in The HR Department

A successful data science function in the HR department requires balancing the analytics maturity of the business and HR leaders with the data scientist's skills. It is essential and fascinating...

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Data from Mars, HR leaders from Venus

Being an eternal student is one ingredient in the secret sauce of success in People Analytics. The second is being a part of open-source culture. Future success is in Procurement...

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Leading With Data – Experts Panel

I was honored to participate in the experts' panel that opened the Hacking HR online event "Leading With Data" and discuss the foundational elements of data analytics and common mistakes...

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Productivity Measures: Time or Outputs?

The productivity of knowledge workers is measured both by outputs and focus time. This blog explores this subject with Covid19 and pre-Covid19 case studies, and some personal experience and hacks.

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People Analytics and HR-Tech Reading List

My People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list on Kindle includes +70 items! Find here inspiration, practical guidance, validation for practices, new ideas and innovative tools, an "open door" to a...

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People Analytics – Build the Value Chain

HR people can overcome their analytics barriers when they exercise. Online courses do offer a lot of exercises. However, only when HR people practice with real data, their own organizational...

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Visualizing Absenteeism At Work

To demonstrate how visualization is helpful, I picked a relatively common topic in People Analytics: Employee absenteeism. I present two types of hypotheses regarding absenteeism, specifically, how employee background and...

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HR Leaders in The 4th Industrial Revolution

You can’t evaluate AI solutions without understanding the basics of practical machine learning and predictive analytics. But you don’t have to be a data scientist for that. It’s like driving...

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A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech

Sailing the rough seas of work-tech solutions? This List, based on Littal’s industry analysis, may be your lighthouse. Find here links to great work-tech innovation and solutions, sorted into ten...

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People Analytics: Survive Boring Findings

Survive boring results in your People Analytics project by including insignificant results in your storytelling with data, leveraging multivariate statistics for new insights, knowing how data can play tricks on...

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Predicting Employee Attrition: R vs DMWay

This article demonstrates how to predict employee attrition, using logistic regression in R programming vs DMWay software. It also encompasses some background about employee data and the cost of attrition.

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