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People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, Organizational Research – Consultant, Mentor, Speaker, Influencer

Data. Makes you fly.

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People Analytics Consultant, Workforce Data Strategist

Littal Shemer Haim helps organizations improve business performance by informed decisions about people. She offers leaders guidance in the journey toward a data-driven workforce and conducts People Analytics and Organizational Research projects. 

Littal explores innovation in the work-tech ecosystem. She writes and lectures about People, Data, Ethics, and the Future of Work. In addition, she leads learning programs in People Analytics and HR tech. 

Littal enjoys keynote speaking at various conferences and professional events in Israel and globally. She shares her knowledge and +25 years of experience in People Analytics, Workforce Data Strategy, and Organizational Research. She is also frequently invited to speak at internal company events.

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Who are you, my fellow “People Analytics Leader”?

The People Analytics leader is in charge of combining all the data of people in the company, in order to deal with business challenges. This leader must understand all employee data and its impact on business performance. It goes far beyond HR kinds of soft metrics.

AI for HR – Five themes that you must understand (Part 1)

To face both technical and social difficulties related to AI, every HR leader should start understanding 5 themes: What AI is – or isn’t? How accurate is AI? Why AI prone to bias? How people react to AI? How legal frameworks deal with AI? This part discusses the first 3...

Changing the Analytic Mindset of HR for Good

Whatever you do to educate yourselves, make sure that your learning opportunities include experiments with your own data. Master business questions in your organization and your own data, so you'll be able to build your company's HR data strategy in the near future.

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