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People Analytics Consultant, HR Data Strategist

Littal helps organizations to improve business performance by informed decisions about people. She offers leaders guidance in the journey towards a data-driven HR, and conducts People Analytics and Organizational Research projects. 

Littal sources innovation in the HR-tech ecosystem. She writes and lectures about People, Data, Ethics, and the Future of Work. She leads learning programs in the domain of People Analytics and HR-tech. 

Littal enjoys keynote speaking, in a variety of conferences and professional events, in Israel and globally, where she shares her knowledge and +25 years of experience in People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, and Organizational Research. She is also frequently invited to speak at internal company events.

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Consulting and Training since 2002!


Improve business performance, create competitive advantage and growth by insights from people data, and transform HR to be data-driven .


Collaborate in business opportunities, innovate in the HR-Tech industry, and partner in developing People Analytics products and features.


Explore new perspectives about HR-tech industry, enhance your scouting efforts, and leverage your portfolio companies with People Analytics.


“Dear Littal, Thank you for your involvement and engagement in our first steps in IEC, on our journey towards a data-driven organization and data-driven human resources management. I appreciate your dedication to preparing our conference on this domain, your collaboration with the team and your contribution to the success of the event. I wish you to continue your significant work in the field!”

Amit Oberkovich – SVP Human Resources, IEC (November 2019)

“I truly enjoyed participating in Littal’s course. The mindset and perspectives that Littal brought to her training sessions helped me shape my professional approach and my role as People Analytics lead. Her class included the most recent theories and articles in the field. The mixture of lectures, exercises, and group discussions made it even more relevant. During the training, we discussed the challenges and burning issues that concern colleagues in the field. The answers and feedback given by Littal and the other participants contributed to my ability to connect general concepts and ideas to the daily life of a professional in the domain. For me, the course has been a significant learning experience as it helped me acquired the key foundations, as well as current trends in the field of People Analytics.”

Gal Mozes – Organizational Psychologist and People Analytics Lead, Amdocs (November 2019)

“I first met Littal in January 2017, soon after I started working as People Analytics & Insights lead at HP, which was a newly created role, where I had to develop both knowledge, skills and a strong professional network. Since our first meeting, I consider myself very fortunate to have Littal as my mentor and professional colleague, as she is truly a thought leader, innovative, futuristic and thought-provoking in her approach. Littal’s guidance and support, both on work-related projects (such as advising on HR technologies relevant to specific business needs) as well as professional career advice, helped me grow as a leader in this field, and I greatly value her for that. Littal is also an excellent speaker, both in Israel and globally. She strongly believes in sharing her knowledge and expertise with others; Thus far I had the pleasure to collaborate with her twice in public speaking events (Haifa University- master’s degree Human Services, December 2017, ISHRM- People Analytics conference, July 2018). Littal has a unique combination of knowledge and experience in this multi-disciplinary field. She brings HR, data analytics, statistics, research, and business understanding, as well as the ability to articulate and write her observations and futuristic perspectives in her blog. She is a valued leader in the global People Analytics field and I personally look forward to continuing to work with her on People Analytics projects!”

Orit Cohen – HR data analyst, people analytics & insights (Global role), HP (May 2019)

“I worked with Littal during 2018, and I was fortunate to have her close guidance and advise. Littal helped me and my team understand how to use People Analytics tools to make informed business decisions based on HR data. We used several methods, including Employee Contribution Analysis, Survival Charts, and Breakeven Calculation. Littal shared with us researches and additional literature to expand our knowledge and conducted with us external research on benefits in the Israeli labor market. Thanks to Littal we made great progress in 2018, and I’m looking forward to working with her in 2019.”

Michal Shoval – Human Resources Manager, GIA (November 2018)

“I worked with Littal on analyzing the results of our Annual Review forms. I wish I had involved her sooner in the process. Littal was great to work with – pleasant, professional and on the mark. More than providing data – she gave me helpful pointers about what we could be doing to make the process more data-driven, assisted in measuring the post process thoughts of employees and managers and supported an additional analytics project, gleaning more insight for us.”

Neomi Farkas – Global Head of HR, Taboola (May 2016)

“Littal was in charge of the Employee Engagement Survey analysis, from the implementation of statistical models and visualization to the strategic thinking about the results. Littal understood deeply and quickly, not only HR issues, but rather business challenges, and took an effort to bind the analytics to the company’s metrics and goals. She played a vital role in the discussion about operative steps following the survey’s conclusion and contributed to the management commitment to carry out them. Her work was impressively professional, dedicated and pleasant, along with the entire process. I look forward to continuing to work with her on People Analytics projects.”

Keren Halperin – VP HR, Feedvisor (December 2016)

Some Past Engagements

Ituran is the leading provider of vehicle location-based services in Israel, which offers solutions for stolen vehicle recovery and tracking services. Ituran’s workforce is heterogeneous, and encompass professional call centers, security field personnel, and knowledge workers. Littal was in charge of designing research tools and processes within this company during the years 2007-2013. She guided the company’s management through the whole process of employee satisfaction surveys, from planning to communications of findings. She also planned and executed the first systematic process of employee performance review in the company, including software selection and implementation, web form design, training, and feedback surveys.

IKEA Israel is the local franchising of the famous retailer brand. The company rapidly grew during the years 2006 to 2014, from one store and HQ to three stores, client care center and HQ. In these dramatic eight years, Littal offered IKEA employee engagement surveys and managers feedback, on a yearly basis. Littal was involved in questionnaires design and fieldwork planning. She was in charge of the statistical analysis and managerial reports. The long-term data collection and maintenance enabled Littal to offer wide perspective in her operative conclusions.

Leumi Card offers a wide range of credit services and is considered a leader in the clearing market in Israel. The company has issued 2 million credit cards, and more than 40,000 businesses enjoy its clearing services. Littal was in charge of long-term organizational research that aimed to map relationships and partnerships between dozens organizational units and evaluated the quality of partnership between unit pairs. The research tools she designed and implemented, with a helping hand of her software suppliers, were an early stage application of her interests in the domain of ONA – Organization Network Analysis.

Biosense Webster, Inc. is a global leader in the science of diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders. It is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, and its R&D is located in Israel. Littal was tracking the internal customer experience in Biosense Webster Israel and conducted other organizational researches in the field of Employee and Manager Assessments. Her role included questionnaires design, web surveys operation, statistical analysis, and managerial reports.

E-glue (now NICE Real-Time Guidance & Automation) developed software solutions for real-time customer interaction management. E-glue systems enabled companies to achieve best results during interaction with customers in call centers, by continuously adapting and responding to business circumstances changes. Littal was involved in pilot software implementations, in call centers worldwide, and was in charge of planning, managing and analyzing controlled trials that supported implementation ROI, hence assisted sales.

“Beterem” – Safe Kids Israel is a nonprofit organization which aims to promote child safety and create a safer environment for children. It is the official representative, on behalf of the State of Israel, at the European “Child Safety Alliance” and “Safe Kids Worldwide”. Littal was one of the main outsource provider of multidisciplinary research solutions of “Beterem”, during the years 2003-2012. Littal managed and conducted a wide range of research projects, using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Her long-term challenge was to respond to a variety of research needs in many domains of expertise, e.g., aspects of child safety, evaluation of intervention programs, branding, and public relations. All research projects that Littal was involved with were subjected to academic standards.

Public Speaking and Training

Thank you, event curators, conference directors, and colleagues, for special opportunities of public speaking (past and future) –

Well Conference (Greater Tel Aviv) – February 2020
Hacking HR Forum (Tel Aviv) – May 2019
Digi HR 2018 (Athens) – October 2018
People Analytics Day (Berlin) – April 2018
HR & People Analytics Forum (Budapest) – April 2018

Media Coverage and Recognition

Thank you, editors, writers, and co-writers, for the recognition and media coverage worldwide, with leading publishers and websites –

The 10 Best Pieces of HR Content in 2019 – Visier, January 2020
60+ Top Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2019 – Digital HR Tech, May 2019
Interview with Littal Shemer Haim – AIHR at Unleash Amsterdam, March 2019
Here are 4 Emerging Trends in HR Tech – Human Resource Executive, March 2019
15 Women in HR Technology You Should Follow – VidCruiter, March 2019

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