Littal Shemer Haim

People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, Organizational Research – Consultant, Mentor, Speaker, Influencer

Data. Makes you fly.

Join me on the journey to data-driven HR

People Analytics Consultant, HR Data Strategist

Littal Shemer Haim helps organizations to improve business performance by informed decisions about people. She offers leaders guidance in the journey towards a data-driven HR, and conducts People Analytics and Organizational Research projects. 

Littal sources innovation in the HR-tech ecosystem. She writes and lectures about People, Data, Ethics, and the Future of Work. She leads learning programs in the domain of People Analytics and HR-tech. 

Littal enjoys keynote speaking, in a variety of conferences and professional events, in Israel and globally, where she shares her knowledge and +25 years of experience in People Analytics, HR Data Strategy, and Organizational Research. She is also frequently invited to speak at internal company events.

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Consulting and Training since 2002!



Improve business performance, create competitive advantage and growth by insights from people data, and transform HR to be data-driven.


Collaborate in business opportunities, innovate in the HR-Tech industry, and partner in developing People Analytics products and features.


Explore new perspectives about HR-tech industry, enhance your scouting efforts, and leverage your portfolio companies with People Analytics.

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