Littalics on Wednesday 2
Edition #41
March 10th 2021
The Spring Collection

Happy Wednesday!

I'm excited and looking forward to meeting many of you, remotely, in the coming week! Some of you will meet me in People Analytics mentoring engagements, and some in their organizations' workshops. But everybody is invited to gaining an analytical mindset in the yearly open event of HackingHR. I'll participate in a session titled designing & developing Human-centered Digital Transformation.

Thoughts and Articles

Inspired by a conversation I had lately with colleagues on Brainfood Live, I share some ideas about the Ethics of People Analytics in Covid19 times.

People Analytics or "Bossware"? Part 1

People Analytics or "Bossware"? Ethics guideline in remote work – Part 1
Organizations started to record and leverage new workforce data sources to enhance productivity. New ethical concerns emerged. How Ethics change People Analytics? What happens when People Analytics becomes surveillance?

People Analytics or "Bossware"? Part 2

People Analytics or "Bossware"? Ethics guideline in remote work – Part 2
Covid19 times raised new ethical concerns regarding the use of people's data. What happens when caring about employees becomes an intrusion onto personal lives? What is the future of People Analytics, and what to do about it today?

Tweets and Treats

Contents I liked and shared this week on Twitter
Research: Men Get More Actionable Feedback Than Women
#Analysis of written feedback identified 4 ways in which feedback given to #women tends to be less actionable and less effective than that given to men. Inspired, I tried to predict #gender from a feedback dataset I had. Guess what...
Mental health numbers ‘going in the wrong direction’
"At the end of December, women’s #stress levels were 22% higher than those of their male counterparts". How do you respond to #mentalhealth issues during #covid19 in your #PeopleAnalytics activities? If at all?


of companies say people analytics will be a major priority over the next 5 years *

* LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2020
When I started my People Analytics blog back in 2016, I chose one of my crane's photographs for the main page header. Cranes are a great metaphor – always on a worldwide journey, with their large flocks, dynamic roles, and inter-dependencies. They are just like us, people in organizations who are on their journey to a data-driven career.

When I wrote on that header, "data makes you fly," I couldn't imagine what would follow. The story will be published shortly in this book. Its' not only about my career path and insights. It is also about HR leaders who can embrace analytics and become heroes in their organizations. Enjoy a sneak peek, and please, write me some feedback.

Updated Resources

A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech

A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech
Sailing the rough seas of HR-Tech solutions? This List may be your lighthouse. Find here links to HR-Tech innovation and solutions, sorted into ten main categories ...

Be careful! These books can change your career

Be careful! These books can change your career: People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list
My People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list on Kindle includes +30 items! Find here inspiration, practical guidance, validation for practices, new ideas, and innovative tools.

Opportunity to Learn

Do your learning opportunities in the domain of People Analytics include experience in real organization data? In my opinion, there is no substitute for such an experience. This is the essence of my mentoring programs for HR leaders and the one-on-one sessions that I offer to students in my introductory course, "The People Analytics Journey."
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Happy Analyzing!

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