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Edition #11 - August 12th, 2020

Happy Wednesday!

Here's a fun fact: I created my LinkedIn profile in 2004. Yes, 2-0-0-4! I was actually among the first half-million LinkedIn users, and so, I even got a thank-you-email from the CEO. Or was it the founder? I don't remember exactly. How much are we on LinkedIn today, after almost two decades? 700+ million? Anyway, none of these facts are mentioned in my CV (resume), along with many other facts that may tell significant things about me, beyond the expected information about roles, clients, and projects. Fortunately, I'm not a typical job seeker, and therefore I can choose to develop my CV in any unconventional way, assuming that only humans, and certainly not robots, may be interested in reading it to get to know me better. However, thinking about the disruption we experience at work, during Covid19, and the challenges we face in the economy and labor markets, I believe that it is about time we innovate in the way we tell our career stories. How can we use data and technology to do so? I'm excited to explore this domain. Stay tuned!


Thoughts and Articles

Eventually, every participant in People Analytics training will experience the real thing: Ask business questions and practice data analysis to create impact. One of the topics I love to teach is Gender Diversity and Pay Gap. It is relatively easy to analyze and do storytelling. Moreover, it is extremely important, even in case a student will never touch a dataset again.

Gender Pay Gap: A Practice with Open Data

Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data
The gender pay gap analysis in this article is straightforward. HR managers with a B.A. education can handle it, with a little help from a data scientist. The data is available, and the insights may be vital.

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Gender diversity in tech: Simple steps forward

Gender diversity in tech: Simple steps forward
A discussion about gender diversity in tech and the consequences of women being a minority in the industry followed with recommendations to HR and a People analytics case study.

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Tweets and Treats

A selection of contents I liked and shared this week,
Who Are You, My Fellow “People Analytics Leader”?

A homework assignment in my course "The #PeopleAnalytics Journey" is updating participants' job descriptions. I started to think about it in 2016. Fortunately, since then, I found some giants to sit on their shoulders. Who? Check the comments below...
Steal this People Analytics Leader Job Description!

@lexymartin invites you to "Steal this People Analytics Leader Job Description!" No, it's not a solicitation for a crime but rather an opportunity to contribute.
People analytics: why some companies are making a fortune while others are losing out

A must-read, and also amusing description of 4 types of People Analysts, by @Max_Blumberg - Infrastructure Obsessives, Reactive Data Waiters, Data Miners, Proactive Business Analysts - which one are you?
Don’t Hire a Data Scientist to Lead Your People Analytics

@dcreelman advises: "Don’t Hire a Data Scientist to Lead Your People Analytics". Prefer someone who is a business-focused, creative problem solver, and appreciate the scientific methods and data analysis.

Updated Resources

Ethics in Workforce AI
Monthly Review

Ethics in People Analytics and AI at Work – Best Resources
Part of my continuous learning, collaboration, and contribution is a comprehensive resource list, updated monthly. It includes four categories: strategic thinking, practical advice, product reviews, and a social context.

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People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list

Be careful! These books can change your career: People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list
Let’s face it. There are too many professional books one can read in a lifespan. This list of People Analytics and HR-Tech books is not exceptional. I won’t be able to complete reading all of it …

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A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech

A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech
Sailing the rough seas of HR-Tech solutions? This List may be your lighthouse. Find here links to HR-Tech innovation and solutions, sorted in ten main categories, based on employee life-cycle ...

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More Learning Opportunities and Recognition

People Analytics, HR-Tech - Training, Public Speaking, Media Coverage, Recognition
Thanks for meeting me outside of this People Analytics blog! When I started this blog, I chose one of my photographs, that presents cranes, for the main page. Cranes are a great metaphor ...

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If you are in the domain of People Analytics or Future of Work you must not ever blink, or otherwise, you miss some important pieces of what is going on.

I wish I had blinking insurance, that covers all my humanly blinking accidents. Wait a minute, I got one! It is David Green's monthly report of the best articles in our field!

I am happy and honored to be included in David's excellent report once again, and this time in the category of monthly best curation, featuring my resources of Ethics in Workforce AI and People Analytics.

As my journey into this fascinating domain goes on, I am fortunate to explore it in many new angles. I'll continue to share my exploration in four chapters: Strategic thinking, Practical advice, Product reviews, and Social context. Enjoy!


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