Littalics on Wednesday 2
Edition #16
September 16th, 2020
The Autumn Collection

Happy Wednesday!

In two days we'll celebrate the new year eve in Israel, and start three weeks of the holiday season. But we'll also start three weeks of lockdown. I'll dedicate the time to reflect on my experiences in the last months and on new meaning and purposes for the months to come. It would also be a perfect opportunity for some digital detox, don't you think? So don't worry about the silence at my end. I'll be back, hopefully in mid-October.


Thoughts and Articles

I completed one-on-one sessions with students in my course “The People Analytics Journey“. Among various business challenges that students raised, Safety was a common concern.

Productivity and Safety: A Conflict?

Productivity and Safety: A Conflict?
There is a delicate balance that HR professionals must keep in helping business leaders achieve their goals while protecting the interests of employees. Perhaps we need a tool that diminishes the conflict between productivity and safety.

Did I mention Productivity? Retrospective thoughts

Did I mention Productivity? Retrospective thoughts about People Analytics
A retrospective glance into this blog archive reveals that although productivity was mentioned in many articles, some questions are still hung out there, about methods and tools, factors, resources, tech solutions, and ethics.

Tel Aviv Chapters

!שנה טובה
Happy new year to all of you, friends, clients, and colleagues! I hope to meet you all again soon "after the holidays" :)



of large companies still rely on spreadsheets for business analytics*

* Deloitte survey

Tweets and Treats

A selection of contents I liked and shared this week
Rethinking AI talent strategy as automated machine learning comes of age

#AutoML aims to automate all #data preparation, as well as modeling and tuning steps, so that manual technical #work is no longer required. The best way to get started is to train existing #business experts, as opposed to #recruiting new hires.
Employers are tracking us, lets track them back

#GDPR represented a huge step for individual rights to #data. Potential risks related to #workplace #surveillance mean it needs its own specific set of prohibitions. Amendments that would have given #workers greater rights over their data were not adopted.

Updated Resources

Ethics in Workforce AI
Monthly Review

Ethics in People Analytics and AI at Work – Best Resources
Part of my continuous learning, collaboration, and contribution is a comprehensive resource list, updated monthly. It includes four categories: strategic thinking, practical advice, product reviews, and a social context.

People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list

Be careful! These books can change your career: People Analytics and HR-Tech reading list
Let’s face it. There are too many professional books one can read in a lifespan. This list of People Analytics and HR-Tech books is not exceptional. I won’t be able to complete reading all of it …

A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech

A Lighthouse in the Rough Seas of HR-Tech
Sailing the rough seas of HR-Tech solutions? This List may be your lighthouse. Find here links to HR-Tech innovation and solutions, sorted in ten main categories, based on employee life-cycle ...

More Learning Opportunities and Recognition

People Analytics, HR-Tech - Training, Public Speaking, Media Coverage, Recognition
Thanks for meeting me outside of this People Analytics blog! When I started this blog, I chose one of my photographs, that presents cranes, for the main page. Cranes are a great metaphor ...
Book Cover

If you missed the sneak peek into the introduction of my book draft a couple of weeks ago, here's another opportunity. Thanks again to everybody who called me or texted me, for feedback and encouragement. It means a lot to me! This book will connect all my dots. and will offers learning and development while enjoying, just like the spirit of my blog. So, stay tuned for more samples in the coming weeks.

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Happy Analyzing!

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