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July 16th 2022

Happy Analyzing!

I was honored to offer my guest lecture lately at Stanford University, in a brilliant program of People Analytics led by Amit Mohindra. I discussed Employee Lifetime Value as a scheme connecting people processes to business outcomes in my talk. I used a case study to demonstrate how helpful it is, enabling an understanding of the employee's journey in the organization regarding investments and returns in each employment stage. I'd gladly offer my guidance if you consider such an analysis in your organization.

What I've been up to?

The case study I shared at Stanford demonstrates that an HR group early in its journey to People Analytics practices can achieve a quick win. With the right attitude, HR leaders can successfully overcome knowledge gaps, lack of data sources, and a shortage of analytics tools. It is the spirit I bring to my speaking engagements. I hope it will inspire you to pursue your journey. Here are some contents from previous talks and panels, including the last one at Stanford.

Employee Lifetime Value

Employee Lifetime Value
ELV is a scheme that connects the people processes to the business outcomes. It refers to the expected value the organization gains in the entire time an employee in a particular role spends working, quantifying how "people are our most important asset."

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People Analytics: Transforming the HR Function

People Analytics: Transforming the HR Function - Experts Panel
A panel conversation about how People Analytics transforms the HR function: Significant successes and remaining challenges; Leveraging analytics to orient business leaders in the pandemic and beyond; The barriers in deploying People Analytics capabilities; and more.

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Leading With Data

Leading With Data – Experts Panel
I was honored to participate in the experts' panel that opened the Hacking HR online event "Leading With Data" and discuss the foundational elements of data analytics and common mistakes when approaching workforce data.

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People Analytics Practices Post-Covid19

Should People Analytics Practices Change to Face Post-Covid19?
There are four types of interdependent questions to address: How employees feel, what they need to get the work done, how productive they are, and how they maintain their connections. To answer those questions, we can leverage the three People Analytics levels.

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Littal Shemer Haim helps organizations improve business performance by informed decisions about people. She offers leaders guidance in the journey toward a data-driven workforce, conducts People Analytics and Organizational Research projects, and leads mentoring and learning programs in People Analytics. In addition, Littal explores innovation in the work-tech ecosystem. She writes and lectures about People, Data, Ethics, and the Future of Work. Littal enjoys keynote speaking at various conferences and professional events globally. She shares her knowledge and +25 years of experience in People Analytics, Workforce Data Strategy, and Organizational Research.

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