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#64 November 24th 2021

Happy Wednesday!

So... Planning your Black Friday shopping? Don't worry; I'm not going to sell anything. However, learning is a perfect investment, so consider good bargains on my Kindle reading list, which includes +51 books in People Analytics and HR-tech.

Black Friday is also an excellent opportunity to consider online courses in R. I mention this for a reason. I know that the ordinary skill required for roles in People Analytics is, still, proficiency in Excel. However, research reveals that analysts' career paths, and the maturity of People Analytics practices in organizations, are limited without programming skills.


What I've been up to?

People Analytics is all about exploring, inferring, and communicating significant data patterns to initiate and support business decisions related to people in the organization.

In every organization, in any size or industry, leaders should consider leveraging workforce data for insights that enable determining what people are needed to support the business strategy, account for costs and benefits of talent, and maximize the return on investment in the workforce. Today in HRweek, we discussed how to start People Analytics

How to start People Analytics? - Experts Panel

How to start People Analytics? - Experts Panel
Myths and misconceptions about People Analytics still exist. To dismiss them and address the fears some HR practitioners may feel when it comes to People Analytics, I collaborated in an experts' panel to discuss how to start, establish partnerships, and deal with sensitive questions.

What's Next?

Industry Analysis:

A Lighthouse In The Rough Seas Of HR-Tech

Recently, I was fortunate to meet some brilliant start-up founders in the HR-Tech industry. In addition, I participated in Workplace Accelerator as a mentor and gained fascinating opportunities to explore new companies in this field. As a result, I'm working now on my industry analysis and updating my Lighthouse list, which encompasses ten main categories, based on employee lifecycle: Workforce Planning and Mobility, Sourcing and Hiring, On-boarding and Culture Fit, Employee Experience and Sentiment Measures, Employee Wellness and Safety, Employee Growth and Learning, Goals Tracking and Performance Review, Organizational Design and Collaboration, Core HR and Compensation, and People Analytics Platforms. Stay tuned!

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