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#63 November 17th 2021

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There is no other way than justifying the investment in People Analytics in any company, large or small. The investment in People Analytics does not yield a return on investment for HR, but rather for the business, even though the investment is a number in the HR budget.

When the insights derived from your People Analytics endeavors support managers' decisions, you can begin to discuss the return on investment.


What I've been up to?

I recently met a scholar in the management domain. We discussed resources and literature in People Analytics. I was happy to share my reading list on Kindle, which includes over 50 items by now. My interlocutor was so surprised that I shared this list online and on social media and noted that it makes no sense to offer it for free.

Unfortunately, I can't educate the entire HR sector - I answered laughing. But the truth is that while most of the professionals I know are fully capable of learning by themselves, they still need to overcome some obstacles in the field. They may not necessarily find the right advice to their circumstances in the text. Over the years, I discovered how the unique learning culture we establish in the mentoring sessions that I lead is the ultimate bypass for many barriers they need to cross.

Learning Culture, Rituals, and Establishing People Analytics

Learning culture, rituals, and establishing People Analytics
People Analytics practices are related to HR practitioners' mindset. Sometimes a mindset change is a key to a successful path in analytics. People Analytics mentees find it so hard to change, but learning culture and rituals help. We agree upon asking anything and considering any thought or idea as feasible. Together we encourage taking risks, making mistakes, but we also celebrate our wins. While acknowledging everyone’s ability and encouraging the unique contribution of anyone in the team, I inspire people to find their own answers, instead of telling them what to do. That’s how they learn how to learn, on the flow of work.

What's Next?

Panel Discussions:

People Analytics: How to start?

On November 24th, I'll participate, again, in the HR Week global online event. The whole day (one out of five days) will be dedicated to the domain of Digital HR. I'll join other People Analytics practitioners, from both business and academic organizations, to discuss the challenges involved in establishing the People Analytics function within the HR group. Though People Analytics is already a well-established function in many organizations, there are plenty who still try to figure out how to start. I'm curious to learn about my colleagues' experience and to contribute my own. Will I see you in the audience?

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