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#62 November 10th 2021

Happy Wednesday!

A few days ago, on my endless studying of R programming, I discovered a function that praises the user when running it. I immediately used it, of course, repeatedly, to receive all different kinds of compliments. Then I amused myself with the option to include it in every script I write and share. Then I got serious because I started contemplating on recognition.

Hearing some good words is not only a "nice to have" experience. Being recognized for the efforts and the results you reach is crucial in everyone's motivation at work. In post covid19 times, when the entire industry discusses employees' new expectations, this simple action, which was a significant factor in employee retention in so many case studies before the pandemic, should be leveraged now even more.

But do you offer recognition only to employees? Your workforce includes freelancers, contractors, and other partners. So how do you recognize their efforts and results at work?


What I've been up to?

What makes an experts panel great? In my opinion, there are at least three factors. The first is the panel moderators, especially their enthusiasm and spirit that determine the dynamics and pace. The second is the panelists' willingness to collaborate and engage with each other's ideas and insights to create unique content. And third, the topic and its relevance to the audience.

Considering these three factors, no wonder why I enjoyed so much participating in the experts' panel that opened the Hacking HR online event Leading With Data and discussing the foundational elements of data analytics.

I was grateful for the fantastic opportunity to meet my colleagues again, Sheri Feinzig, Max Blumberg, Soumyasanto Sen, and Jordan Morrow. Those of you who have followed me for a couple of years can remember many quotes from the book that Sheri co-authored, which was among the first items in my famous Kindle reading list. I always suggested my students follow Max's insights and included his articles on the reading assignments of my introductory course. And every People Analytics enthusiast, including myself, has a lot to learn from Soumya and Jordan too.

Together we highlighted moving forward from concepts to design and implementation of People Analytics. This insightful and delightful panel could not happen without the excellent leading of Enrique Rubio, with whom I had the honor to collaborate many times in local and global events of Hacking HR, both online or on stage. Don't miss the replay of this and more excellent panels from the event on Hacking HR Lab.

Leading With Data – Experts Panel

Leading With Data – Experts Panel
Although the panel conversation developed in different directions, and you may find many inspiring ideas in it, I decided to cover it focusing on four topics, which I believe are most crucial: common mistakes when approaching workforce data analysis; things to do about the messy workforce data; complementing dashboards with advanced analytics; reproducibility is a necessity.

What's Next?

Post Covid19 Updated Lecture

Data-Driven Careers

Has your data-driven career already started? Not really. In a recent talk with one of my colleagues who landed a role in People Analytics in a large organization, she mentioned that she was only lucky to have the internal network to hear about the opportunity. Sadly, the organization could do so much more to fit her skills with her next career step. Our talk encouraged me to do more for executives who must prepare their organizations for the future but haven't learned yet about tech innovation that enables data-driven careers. Stay tuned!

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