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#58 July 7th 2021

Happy Wednesday!

On Monday morning (11:00 IDT) I'll present my lecture "Data from Mars, HR leaders from Venus" to the Italian HR community. The lecture will be broadcast live by HRC Learning Square, as a part of a four days remote conference. The event will be partly in Italian. However, my talk is in English. If you'd like to receive access to my live talk, don't hesitate to reply to this e-mail. A spoiler: I'll talk about myths in People Analytics, which I always happy to share, including in this edition.

Food for Thoughts

Five myths about People Analytics that inhibit your progress

Five myths about People Analytics that inhibit your progress
In a public talk, I challenged myself to describe the state of People Analytics in five sentences. Each point I made implies a myth. HR leaders should be aware of the following five misconceptions, or otherwise, continue to let these false ideas inhibit their advancement.

Littalics Weekly Tip

About Data and Visualization

In many presentations about organizational surveys I've been asked:
"Are these results statistically significant?"

To put it very simply, significant results in statistical tests (a p-value of 0.05 or less) imply the confidence level of generalizing the results (95% or more). But in a business context, won't you be happy to have a confidence level of 90%? what about 85%? The p-value criterion you studied in your academic studies is not necessarily the right criterion in the employee surveys.

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People Say About

Littal's Lecture and Workshop

"Littal was the main speaker of our HR Summit session for HR Operations teams and HR geo Leaders.
The session was very interesting and enriching, providing a thorough overview of the world of People Analytics. It also gave us perspective regarding where we stand and where we want to be, and most important - it gave us hope and inspiration that our path is the right one to choose. Thank you, Littal, and let's make sure we crossways in the future."

Eyal Sarid
Global HR Planning & Operations Manager
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

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Featured lecture:

Data From Mars, HR Leaders From Venus

New Perspectives of The People Analytics Journey
Why? An analytical mindset and practical first steps are a must for HR leaders who prepare the organization for the future of work.
How? Lead a successful journey of People Analytics and data-driven HR following a unique conceptual model shared in this talk.
Best for Business Executives, Human Resources Leaders, Analytics Professionals.

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