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#57 June 30th 2021

Happy Wednesday!

Another learning cycle of "The People Analytics Journey" was completed this week. At the end of the session, I asked the participants to reflect on their learning. Some of them shared their thoughts about the next steps. One of them mentioned that she now understands that a weekly time slot dedicated to continuously learning is necessary. I was so happy to hear that insight! I encourage all of my students and mentees to establish learning rituals for themselves and their teams. These rituals are crucial to overcoming barriers when taking the first steps in the People Analytics Journey.

Food for Thoughts

Learning culture, rituals, and establishing People Analytics

Learning culture, rituals, and establishing People Analytics
People Analytics practices are related to HR practitioners' mindset. Sometimes a mindset change is a key to a successful path in analytics. People Analytics mentees find it so hard to change, but learning culture and rituals help them overcome.

Littalics Weekly Tip

About Data and Visualization

In every mentoring program, this question is raised this way or another:
"Should I do this manually?"

If you have a repetitive task that involves your data, consider automating it. My first choice would be thinking about how to write a code in R. But first I would describe the stages of the task in words. This way, I or other people who code can easily find the right function for every stage. Communicating your needs with a data scientist is part of your success.

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Littal's Lecture and Workshop

"Dear Littal, Thank you for your involvement and engagement in our first steps in IEC, on our journey towards a data-driven organization and data-driven human resources management. I appreciate your dedication to preparing our conference on this domain, your collaboration with the team, and your contribution to the success of the event. I wish you to continue your significant work in the field!

Amit Oberkovich,
(Ex) SVP Human Resources
Israel Electric Corporation

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New Perspectives of The People Analytics Journey
Why? An analytical mindset and practical first steps are a must for HR leaders who prepare the organization for the future of work.
How? Lead a successful journey of People Analytics and data-driven HR following a unique conceptual model shared in this talk.
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