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#56 June 23th 2021

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My lecture "Data from Mars HR leaders from Venus" travels to Italy in July and will be broadcast live by HRC Learning Square. Join us remotely to explore a unique conceptual model and new perspectives of the People Analytics Journey. The lecture is also offered remotely to executives and HR professionals at company events.

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Should People Analytics Practices Change
to Face Post-Covid19?

Should People Analytics Practices Change to Face Post-Covid19?
There are four types of interdependent questions to address: How employees feel, what do they need to get the work done, how productive they are, and how they maintain their connections. To answer those questions, we can leverage any of the three levels of People Analytics.

Littalics Weekly Tip

About Data and Visualization

I interviewed lately some candidates for a People Analyst role. At the end of the session, I invited them to ask me anything. The most prominent question was:
"Do I really need to learn to program?"

Yes. Although advanced use of Excel and dashboarding may be enough to land the job, programming enables to take the next level of automation and reproducibility, without the limitations of vendors' solutions. Even if you are not the one who actually does the programming, it will enable better communication with partners who code.

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People Say About

Littal's Lecture and Workshop

"I truly enjoyed participating in Littal’s course. The mindset and perspectives that Littal brought to her training sessions helped me shape my professional approach and my role as People Analytics lead. Her class included the most recent theories and articles in the field. The mixture of lectures, exercises, and group discussions made it even more relevant... For me, the course has been a significant learning experience as it helped me acquired the key foundations, as well as current trends in the field of People Analytics.”

Gal Mozes,
Org. Psychologist, People Analytics Lead, Amdocs

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Featured lecture:

Data From Mars, HR Leaders From Venus

New Perspectives of The People Analytics Journey
Why? An analytical mindset and practical first steps are a must for HR leaders who prepare the organization for the future of work.
How? Lead a successful journey of People Analytics and data-driven HR following a unique conceptual model shared in this talk.
Best for Business Executives, Human Resources Leaders, Analytics Professionals.

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