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#53 June 2nd 2021

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I had a conversation lately with a brilliant young student who asked for my advice regarding a career in People Analytics. We discussed how she could leverage data for more impact on her current role within the HR department. In our talk, I couldn't emphasize more the importance of asking the right business questions. To do that, see needed, just like many HR professionals, to simply rely on one strength - having a conversation with business leaders. This advice is valid to everyone in our community. Therefore, I decided to reshare the article "People Analytics: Your very first step in a long journey", and so, it became the most popular this week! In my workshops, we practice raising business questions in a variety of sectors and situations. If you'd like to join a workshop or host one for your team, let's talk!

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People Analytics: Your very first step in a long journey

People Analytics: Your very first step in a long journey
Start your People Analytics journey by listening to business leaders. A conversation with business leaders should not be spontaneously handled, but rather planned. An interview guideline is a useful tool for that purpose.

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About Data and Visualization

I met recently a super talented People Analyst who asked me, frustrated:
"Why managers almost ignore my dashboards?"

Every time I get in my car to drive somewhere I start with a quick glance on the dashboard behind the wheel. Usually, no red light is on, so I conclude that it is OK to hit the road. However, I shouldn't drive when a red light is on. "What would you do if a red light turned on in your car?" I asked the analyst. "Call my father!" he replied. We laughed.
Then I said "You see? managers are just like careful drivers. They want to make sure that they can start driving through their managerial day without calling someone or intervene. When bombarded with all kinds of information we have about people in the organization, they can't figure out in a glance if it is safe to start driving. The value of your work as an analyst is not measured by the degree of sophistication and complexity you reach building dashboards. On the contrary! Focus on simple visualizations of very well-defined business questions.

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Littal's Lecture and Workshop

"Littal is a master of her craft, and one of the few women in the field of people analytics. Not only is she an expert, but she is also one of the few professionals in the field I have met that gives so much of herself to others. She wants to empower HR professionals to get into people analytics. Her course is amazing for HR professionals that might not be familiar with hardcore analytics, as she explains it in a way that is easy to understand, and motivates others to want to be interested in the knowledge, concepts, and application of people analytics. I never thought I would be able to work in the field despite my obsession with being data-driven, but she helped me understand that it is possible and helped me find my place within the field. Since then I have been expanding my knowledge in the field, slowly but surely, because after her course I know that I can. I highly recommend her as an instructor and expert in the field of people analytics, as well as working with her in general based on her very multidisciplinary background"

Shana Nielsen
Talent Development, Global Data Science

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