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#51 May 19th 2021

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Too often, I hear HR leaders declaring that they are already on the right track to People Analytics practices because they have a data analyst in their department. Just because you have a People analyst does not mean that you have an HR data strategy. Think about the Marketing equivalent in your organization: Are marketing analysts responsible for the marketing strategy? I discussed this issue in a new blog post this week, and in my introductory course, The People Analytics Journey, which I offer global HR teams now.

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Who owns the HR data strategy? Not analysts or vendors

Who owns the HR data strategy? Not analysts or vendors
The lens I choose to explore HR data strategy is my experience as an applied researcher specialized in organizational research. My perspective could be your lighthouse in the rough seas of the HR-Tech industry and a step to overcome some barriers on your journey to data-driven HR.

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About Data and Visualization

Here's a question I received from one of my students who took the challenge to practice R programming:

"What is the best resource to enhance my skills in visualization?
My advice, be familiar with The R Graph Gallery. Follow the code of each desired visualization you find there, and fit your datasets in accordance so that you can reproduce each chart. I adore this gallery. For me, it is the transformation of data to art!

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"Littal was the main speaker of our HR Summit session for HR Operations teams and HR geo Leaders. The session was very interesting and enriching, providing a thorough overview of the world of People Analytics. It also gave us perspective regarding where we stand, and where we want to be, and most important - it gave us hope and inspiration that our path is the right one to choose. Thank you Littal, and let's make sure we crossways in the future."

Eyal Sarid
Global HR Planning & Operations Manager Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

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