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#49 May 5th 2021

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Here's a question that I hear a lot from students and prospect mentees: Is People Analytics relevant in small businesses? The short answer: Absolutely! The long answer: In the coming cycle of my introductory course The People Analytics Journey I'll share case studies in which HR professionals impacted the business when analyzed employee groups of a few dozens, when started analytics early in fast-growing companies, and when leveraged qualitative and semi-quantitative methodologies.

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People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact

People Analytics in SMBs: Small Data, Huge Impact
This interview with HR manager, in a fireside chat during a People Analytics class, offers an introspective approach to a joint journey, as a mentee and mentor: the motives, the obstacles, the quick win, the team participation, and more.

Opportunity to Learn

Do your learning opportunities in the domain of People Analytics include experience in real organization data? In my opinion, there is no substitute for such an experience. This is the essence of my mentoring programs for HR leaders and the one-on-one sessions that I offer to students in my introductory course, "The People Analytics Journey" - Next cycle (in Hebrew) in June 2020.
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